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Order our special guide: How and What to Write to Asian Ladies Hello!

My name is Jack West. I'm an American who travelled,lived and worked in Asia for almost 20 years. My work was getting Pen Pals for YOU! 

I did this tn three ways,media advertising,direct mailings and personal recruiting of pretrty,young,Oriental girls for YOU! 

I still,of course,use media adverisements and direct mail to get lovely,Asian ladies for YOU! Personal recruitment continues in the Philippines clandestinely and in Singapore,Indonesia and several other Asian countries overtly. I have estblished networks of reliable ladies,whom I have personally trained,who recruit their girlfriends and other,young women to be Pen Pals for YOU! 

Females,when approached by other females for very personal details and information and risque photos,are more trusting,relaxed and comfortable than when solicited for the same by an aggressive male. 

So do not hesitate any longer! Reap the rewards and benefitrs of the results of my rings of recruiting girls. Select your Pen Pals from the Photo Catalog NOW!

Jack West,
P.O. Box 1765,
St. Petersburg, Fl. 33731 

PS.  You may also order three unique FULL COLOR photo lists containing:

  1. Indonesian ladies;
  2. Filipinas (Philippines);
  3. Exotic Asian, a combination of ladies from the Orient and the Oceania (e.g. places such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, the Pacific.)

Each list is different; there are no duplications from the other two lists. Find out how to order here.

For products and services too hot for the internet, send $3.00 U.S. for postage to:  

Jack West,
P.O. Box 1765,
St. Petersburg, Fl. 33731 

If you have any questions you may contact us at office@exoticasianwomen.com.


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