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Sand, Beach, Ocean and Palm Tree Frequently Asked Questions re:Exotic Asians

When I place an order what will I receive?

In addition to a color photo of your Exotic Asian Woman pen pal, you will received detailed contact information such her home telephone number, work telephone number, hand phone number, pager number, FAX number, email address and mailing address.  You will also receive personal information such as what your Exotic Asian woman pen pal does in her spare time and how she feels about pre-marital sex. 

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Why are Asian Women, particularly Filipina women, a better match for Western Men than women from Russia, east Europe, Latin America and other countries?

Nearly all of the women in the Philippines speak English.  In addition, the vast majority are Christian.  Both of these characteristics make it easier for them to adapt and adjust to living in a Western Country.  Ladies from non-English speaking, Buddhist or Moslem nations find the transition much more difficult.  

Asian women are less materialistic and are more willing to accept a larger age difference than females from other cultures.  

Immigration from Asian countries, like the Philippines, is a well-established, reasonably priced procedure, taking only a few months.  It can be a nightmare when immigrating from places like Russia, where it can takes several years and costs a fortune.

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Why Should I BUY pen pal information from you, when it's FREE on other web sites?

First, the women listed on "free" web sites are getting TONS of mail, among which your letter would be lost.  In other words, there is lots of competition.

Second, the women listed on "free" web sites aren't subject to the intense screening process used during our individual interviews.  This comprehensive screening method provides you a more quality listing of women from which to make your selection. 

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Where Do The Ladies Presented Here Come From?

The ladies found in the EXOTIC ASIAN WOMEN web site come from Indonesia, the Philippines,  the Orient and the Oceania (e.g. places such as Singapore, Hong Kong, the Pacific.)

Indonesia is a group of thousands of islands and is the 4th most populous country on earth. Singapore has a population of over 3 million and is a melting pot of Chinese, Malays and other ethnic groups.  The Philippines are made up of 7,107 islands and 62.8 million people. Given this high population residing in the geographic regions represented here, you’re guaranteed a wide selection of ladies

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What Type Of Ladies Are On Your Web Site?

The ladies on our web site come from a wide variety of professional and co-eds. (Teachers, Nurses, Secretaries to name a few). They are selected for being honest, sincere, devoted, and are interested in meeting foreign men for friendships or marriage.

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How Often Is This Site Updated?

The EXOTIC ASIAN WOMEN web site is updated several times a month to keep all information current.

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How Do You Find These Ladies?

ONE, by responses to my newspaper advertisement, TWO, by direct mail and THREE, by my network of fully trained ladies recruiting pretty pen pals for YOU.

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How Do These Ladies Find Out About Your Service?

They learn about our service through friends, through discussions with me or my wife, through newspaper advertisements or through surfing the Internet and finding our web site. Our service is free to all ladies interested in signing up with us.

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Will you sell my name to other companies or list brokers?

No.  We never sell or trade the names of our clients or men who inquire about our service.  We uphold a strict privacy policy.  We feel it's an invasion of your privacy when you inquire about a service and then receive unwanted junk mail from questionable sources. Your privacy is respected by EXOTIC ASIAN WOMEN and all information is strictly confidential.

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This area will be updated on an ongoing basis!

Have a question not answered here?  Go to the contact page.  Ask a question.  Sign up to receive information regarding updates.  Give us feedback.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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